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Welcome to the Order of the White Rose!

We are a family friendly guild; therefore we keep guild chat clean.  Please use decent naming conventions for your characters.  Our number one rule is to have fun.  We also use a rank system where guild members earn ranks through guild status.  We do allow members under the age of 16 only if their parent is a member of the guild or applying with their children.   We teach and help those who need it, when possible. We do not power level members. We do not require raiding, but we do have alliances to raid with. Contact Finessa with any questions you may have concerning this option.

OWR Guild Leaders
Nightrose &  Finessa

Working together for the benefit of the guild and our great members!

OWR Founded: 2006
Original Founders:
Aloran & Amera (Same person)
Ktarae (Aloran's Wife)
Fireflame (Aloran's Son) 

Why the White Rose?
It is associated with purity, righteousness, honesty, integrity, friendship and above all - honor.
We work hard to keep these precepts alive in our guild.

We are located on the Everquest II Permafrost server
& originally from the Mistmoore server.

We have a T3 level 95 guild and hall with all of the important amenities.

We look forward to seeing you in the OWR guild!

"Long Live the Order of the White Rose!"

Famous Quotes
“Human beings can always be relied upon to exert, with vigor, their God-given right to be stupid. ”

- Dean Koontz
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Guild News

Moonlight Enchantments (EQ2 Live Event)

Therealrose, Aug 1, 14 9:21 PM.

Enchanted Mushroom Rings will spring up in Darklight Wood, The Enchanted Lands, Antonica, Nektulos Forest, and Greater Faydark, on September 20th - 21st. These rings are only visible when the phase of the moon is right.  They lead to interesting little zones that are open only for a short period of time until the moon changes.  
Each zone has a purple shiny collection, at least one quest, and a token reward merchant. Also called "The Grottos", this event occurs monthly from 12:01 AM on the 20th to 11:59 PM on the 21st of every Earth month (Pacific Time).

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